Genes & Diseases

Description Feature

  • Genes & Diseases app provides comprehensive information about Genes, its functions and their relevant data from NIH databases
    -Search Any Gene name or diseases name in search bar
    Gene Name Search
    -Data search will display Gene normal function, Health conditions, genetics changes, Gene location on chromosome, Other names of the gene if any
    -Any other additional information if available, You can also view protein structure or gene sequence
    Disease Name Search
    -General information about the Disease
    -Frequency of disease, Causes of disease
    -Genetics inheritance
    -Diagnosis and management related information
    -Other names for disease condition
    -Any other information if available
    -Genes that are relavent or published data information also available
    -Chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) information
    Genes & Disease App also provides
    *Easy to check any health information that are available on NIH website
    *Other external website, that are available to show relavent information
    *Easy to export displayed data PDF
    *Easy to Share on social network or email
    *Connect us on social media
    *Contact Us for feedback
    *Help section is available for tutorials