About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a start-up company in development of Scientific softwares and mobile applications. We are comprised of world renowned scientists, enthusiastic software engineers. Our goal is to reach thousands and millions of the customers worldwide, using mobile applications for scientific use. We customize and develop individual clients requirements. Omelette, Inc., USA is focused on the various software developmental programs which are helpful to reduce time and automated more and also reach easily millions of customers. We are comprised of professionals to manage and technical teams with expertise. We always looking forward to solve the problems, we respect all the clients and their work to give our best innovative products to clients needs.

Our Mission


Development of Scientific softwares that can be used in daily life, and also corporate level. We are here to address real-time issues and developing innovative solutions for maximizing business growth.

Our Vision


Omelette Inc., USA established to emerge as a global leader in the scientific software development and portable mobile applications services and to become the “Scientific Software Leader” for development & services. We have a strong professional team, composed of Senior Scientists and engineers, who are experience in above-mentioned areas. We are fully committed to provide quality, deliver the highest value to Clients. We treat each our clients with respect and dignity, recognizing that innovation bprings from unique perspectives.